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2 Thing You Must Do For Security Of WordPress Website 2016

WordPress  is a world best CMS for blogging ,entertainment portals,business website and eCommerce website.That is true that WordPress is most using web content management system where security of WordPress is also a biggest question marks if you don’t do any precautions for that.

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1)User Name And Password:

Most of WordPress user didn’t know that there id and passwords are too weak and hackers easily retrieve thier password by backtrack dictionary very easily how to set your new user name and password just got to user setting and create new user with administrator rights then login with new admin account delete old one.

  1. When user install WordPress on their site they are using “admin  “as a user name which is easily traceable by the WordPress hacker and also vulnerable for shells.Change your user name admin to any other of your desire your 50 percent problem solved here.
  2. Choose Strong Password For your website using special characters like (my?blabla#123).

Lock-Down WP-Admin:

change your WordPress login url by using lock down WP-admin plugin which is free your download from this link lockdown-wp-admin.Actually if we are change our admin URL name then hackers don’t know what the login URL name is so our 50 percent work solved here.


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